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Mermaid Scales Pink Pearls Fabric By the Yard, Printed fabric pattern on quality polyester fabrics

Custom Printing of your personalized images on any size bandana.

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Primary fabric

Mermaid Scales with Pink Pearls Fabric printed on your choice of 10 POLYESTER based fabrics by-the-yard, 1/2 yard or 1/4 yard for all your Cut & Sew projects.
Easily customizable and printed in brilliant, permanent colors using eco-friendly, water based dye-sublimation transfer techniques.
All fabrics are amazingly versatile for many uses from upholstery, home decor, throw pillows, curtains, shirts, costumes, dresses and more.

Choose from 10 different polyester fabrics the best one suited for your Cut & Sew projects.


- 100% Polyester T-shirt fabric (cotton-feel) 2-way stretch, lightweight, soft & silky.
- For T-shirts, Dresses, Baby Clothes, Pajamas and Blankets.

- 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex blend 2-way Stretch Jersey Knit fabric with a  brushed topside and bottom side with a buttery soft feel.
Lightweight, soft & silky, Also known as Peach Skin or Microsuede
- For T-shirts, Tops, Tanks, Skirts, Dresses, Baby Clothes, Blankets, Athletic Wear, Leggings and Pajamas.

- 100% Polyester lightweight fabric with fine weave and crisp, smooth feel.
- For Bandanas, Head Wraps, Scarves, Shirting, Sheer Curtains, Scrub Caps and Craft Projects.

- 100% Polyester lightweight canvas tight weave fabric.
- For Canvas Prints, Upholstery, Drapery & Banners, Tote Bags.

4-way Stretch SPANDEX
- 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex blend, mid-weight 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking finish.
- For Headbands, Scrunchies, Athletic Apparel, Leggings, Swimwear and YogaPants.

- 100% Polyester piqué knit fabric with a diamond weave structure and moisture-wicking finish.
- For Athletic apparel, Uniforms, Shorts, Polo shirts, Yoga tops, Sporty Dresses & Skirts and Headbands.

95% Polyester, 5% Spandex blend.
- Bullet knit fabric has 2-way stretch with beautiful thickness & pillowed rectangle texture.
- For Scrunchies, Hair Bows and Head wraps.

- 100% Polyester medium-weight smooth, tight weave canvas-like fabric.
- For Canvas Prints, Upholstery projects, Drapery and Banners.

- 100% Polyester Multifunctional woven fabric, it drapes nicely and is wrinkle resistant.
- For Wall Hangings, Decorative Pillows, Tablecloths, Aprons and Curtains.

- 100% Polyester Satin fabric with a silky feel and high-gloss finish.
- For Lining apparel and bags, Wedding decor, silky accessories like Scarves.

• 5 YARDS of fabric measures 42” wide x 180" length
• 1 YARD fabric measures 42” wide x 36" length
• 1/2 YARD measures 42” wide x 18" length
• 1/4 YARD measures 21” wide x 18” length

ALL FABRICS ARE POLYESTER BASED and printed with brilliant, permanent colors using eco-friendly, water based inks.
Our fabrics are amazingly versatile for uses from clothing, upholstery, home decor, throw pillows, curtains  and more.

NOTE: Volume discounts are available. Message us for a custom quote with your discount.

SHIPPING: We are located in Guatemala and ship to the US once a week for labeling and mailing via the USPS. It takes about 10 days after shipping for delivery.
UPS EXPRESS Delivery is also available, you will receive your fabric in 4 business days after shipping (Message for special payment arrangements for the EXPRESS SHIPPING option).

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